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Dear Character...

Open letters to our characters

Note to Character
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Notes to characters.

Created just in time for that haven of crackmindedness, NaNoWriMo (2004 edition), this is a collection of notes to characters that we're writing, playing, or even to characters of other authors/gamers.

  • Please keep all submissions in the format of a note or letter to a character. Anything else (plugging of related (note_to_ type or writing) communities, images, questions to the community at large) should go behind an <lj-cut>.

  • Notes with extreme language should probably wind up behind a cut as well, as this community is not age-restricted.

  • Notes with spoilers should get an <lj-cut text="Spoiler for..."> warning.

  • Play nice with others. This means if you're rude to someone, even if they've mentioned a hot-button issue of yours, you, and not they, are the one subject to penalties.

  • No trolling. Anyone trolling (in the opinion of the moderators) is subject to being summarily booted and/or banned without warning. Do not respond to trolls. Screen their comments and notify a moderator, or delete and ignore them.

  • People with authority in this community are azurelunatic and garnetdagger. Some of us are nicer than others.

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Anyone with a new note_to_ or note_to_ type community, or if you find one I haven't listed, do let me know.