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Dear Naruta cast in general,

Sorry that RL has been kicking me in the chin lately and forcing me to neglect you all. Tha's about to change guys, so hold on a bit longer.


Dear Acqua,

Sorry, kitten. I know you've just been through hell and wanted some quiet time with your children, but it's not going to happen. Don't give me that look. It's not entirely my fault you were kidnapped by a madman who wanted to hunt you down as human prey right before the priests of Evil unleashed hell on the world. It's also not entirely my fault you're being tapped on the shoulder by Etaf. Really, when a god revives you after death for a second chance at life, you really owe her.

Still, appologies. After this you and your family can take a vaccation and go pick pockets somewhere really nice.


Dear Amaro,

You get the same appology with your sister as well as a promise you'll eventually get feeling back in your left arm. You're semi-retired anyway, so as long as you survive being called to service by Etaf, you'll be fine. And I've got a... slightly unwanted present for you coming up.


Dear Shadow,

It's been tough, I know. But it'll get better soon. Hold on a bit longer, my poor, broken kingling. Just a little longer.

With regret,

Dear Flame,

Sorry sweetheart, you've become a favourite. But I'll try not to break you again before you're twenty, how's that?

Choujin Locke-sunset

To the folks of Eastern Weyr.

Dear A'lexi:
Thanks for being such a good sport and agreeing to do better this time around.

Dear Ashuli:
You're really looking forward to this. You're gonna be a great big sister. Just remember not to swear around your papa's fling.

Dear Kioko:
Next Turn, dear. Next Turn. I know how you feel; I'm disappointed we won't get the gold too. But you're not ready. Thanks for being so understanding about that. Don't worry: The perfect little green will be there for you when you are ready, at Eastern and Dark Fort.

You're a strong person, and I really like ya. (hugs)

Dear Mayri:
Way to hold it together, old girl. ^n_n^ I'm so proud.

Dear Aluka:
I'm sorry for all the indignities, but damn if you don't have a steely core. You rock, and you'll be healing eventually. Just keep being indignant and playing the system, and you'll be ready in a year or two Real Time. ^n_n^

Dear Bridgir:
Any time you wanna tell me your history, I'm all ears.

Dear Lokkun:
No, I don't know why you haven't even been glanced at yet. I'll keep reminding the mods you need to be attended to.

= me.

(PS: Locke of Naruta. I still don't know what to do with ya. I'm sorry.)
Quiet Dawn

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Dear Ryan -

No, I don't need to hear about how Susanna wears beat-up, puck-marked hockey skates to ice skate in. Or you grumbling about how little you really know about her after going to school with her for two years and working with her for another year and a half.

Dear Susanna -

No, I don't need to hear about how you would cut all your hair off except for the painful growing out process. Being a curly girl, listen, I feel your pain. I just don't need to hear it right now. Give me at least a little time to do the research and find out what you do during your day job. Granted, you don't spend that much time at it in the course of this novel, but give me that little time.

Dear Devin -

...Don't even think about starting. I mean it. Don't even think about it.

Dear all of you -

A little under two months, people. Save it and let me get some sleep.


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Dear Rex,
Man, you need to calm down your craziness. I realize the passion you feel for astronomy, but it's just not practical for you to buy a telescope with your scholarship money. Please, try to think straight for once. You need that money for college.

Also, you need to give Harry some space. Luckily for you, he's letting you stay in his house, but if you keep getting in his hair and breaking stuff, you'll get kicked out. Just because he's tolerated you since the fourth grade doesn't mean he needs the extra stress of having you around. He's over-worked as it is. Give your buddy a break, ok?

If you do these things for me, I might give you a little more help with your love life, ok? I'm not really a romance writer, but I'd make the exception for you, because, after all is said and done, I like you. You're fun.

Dear Harry,
Take a vacation. You deserve it. Even if all you do is just sit around your house, you need to relax. Dr.Herrera is a nice guy, and I'm sure if you'd ask him for a week or two, he'd give it to you.

On the other hand, I dunno if you'll be able to relax much with Rex in your house. I wish you didn't care about him that much. Why can't you just tell him to rent a flat or something? Is your bromance really that important? Well, at least he keeps your thoughts off work, I guess.

Oh, and, you're going to regret that failed sex with Amanda. Really regret it. Sorry, but you shouldn't have let her take you that far. Next time, just say no if you don't feel completely comfortable.

Hm... Actually, are you gay? Thinking about the way you react to certain situations, I'm staring to wonder if you might be closeted. Let me know, bro. If you are, let Rex and your brothers know too.

Dear Amanda,
Leave Harry alone. He doesn't want you. But, do pursue your interest in opera. That will take you far.

Dear Auri,
GET OUT OF JAIL. You do not belong there.

Dear Mackenzie,
You're too young to be a video game programmer. Don't even try for at least two years.

Dear Grace,
Leave Mackenzie alone. Stop teasing him so much, he's not going to like you back if you do that. And, do your own damn homework.

Dear Kika,
You're perfect. Stay just like you are. ♥♥♥

Love you all,
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Choujin Locke-sunset

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Dear Naruta cast:

Any time you decide you wanna speak up again, feel free to do so. I dunno where y'all went, but I had to leave the game 'cause of you. The mods are bummed, but it wasn't fair to anyone to keep hangin' around when I wasn't contributing.

Enjoy your retirement, I guess. Let's hope it's temporary. (scritches the telepathic cat under the chin and leaves)

= Your player.
Roman Mosaic

Note to Characters

To the characters of N.A.L. please stick with me! I now it's been over ten years, but we can still do this! We can finish this story. You guys really mean a lot to me, even though some of you are major jerks. Please don't leave. Also I'm going to make a detailed plot summary so hopefully the wheels will keep turning.

To Lilly, Robert, and Zaven, you guys really can't be in a romantic relationship all together. In the period you guys live in group relationships weren't okay, please keep this in mind. I do believe this is due to a lack of ladies in the story, but I can't really fix that. Sorry...;(

To the male lead character of the "T" story. Please, please, please give me your name! I know so much about you, but it's hard to write you in third person when I can't refer to you by name.

To the totally bad ass awesome Izumi Curtis. I know you belong to Hiromu Arakawa *so so cool*, but if I could please work with you for role play on the Sky Tides RPG that would be great. I would love to do text based RP with my friends. I wouldn't do it if Sky Tides would allow original characters, but they don't. You can help me out right Sensai?

And last but not least. To Nadeem, hi there you're a cool character I think I'm getting to know you better. You can drive a mean sand skift ;). I would be cool if I could draw you're picture, please? I wish it was a little easier to RP you in during the D&D game. See you on Thursday, yay!

Hopefully we can all work together guys and get some stuff done!

From: Your concerned Author,

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Dear Characters,

Dear Vedanji, Zherren, and Elishya,

Just because you got a bit of a cameo in the book that I'm waiting to hear back from the publisher about does not mean I have to write about the whole past thirty years that brought you to that point. Really.

Dear Gil and Araveth,

Yes, I do know the meaning of the phrase "coitus interruptus." I'm sorry. I promise I'll get back to the two of you as soon as I can.

Dear Shannon,

No, I don't blame you for hating your life, your family, and your author.

Dear Jecine,

If you don't tell me what you've been doing, I'm going to toss you into bed with Kamala, just for the heck of it. Yes, I know you can't stand her, but your sniping at each other is all kinds of subtexty, and let's not forget the backrub.

Dear Corlath,

I understand that Paul's killed you twice and you've only killed him once, and you're eager to settle the score, but do you mind if I at least get an agent for the first book before you unleash your mayhem on an unsuspecting world.

Dear Everybody Else,


(I'd say no love, but you all would know I was lying.)



Dear Brain,

I'm sorry I have to kill you. It's not my fault!!! One of you has to die and it can't be Father or Serpent because they're sort of important. Besides, I'm not the one that killed you, it was Jamie, so you should be mad at him not me. At least you were smarter and cooler than any of the others.


Dear Rat,

You die too but that's good because at least now you're out of your misery.


Deark Hawk,

I just decided to kill you because you were sort of a pompus idiot who deserved to die. I apologize anyways, though.


Dear Serpent,

Yes, yes, I remember deciding that I wanted Gunner to be your boyfriend but I changed my mind and now he's your brother so you have to stop hitting on him. It's weird.

The Author
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