Multi-Facets (multi_facets) wrote in notetocharacter,

To the folks of Eastern Weyr.

Dear A'lexi:
Thanks for being such a good sport and agreeing to do better this time around.

Dear Ashuli:
You're really looking forward to this. You're gonna be a great big sister. Just remember not to swear around your papa's fling.

Dear Kioko:
Next Turn, dear. Next Turn. I know how you feel; I'm disappointed we won't get the gold too. But you're not ready. Thanks for being so understanding about that. Don't worry: The perfect little green will be there for you when you are ready, at Eastern and Dark Fort.

You're a strong person, and I really like ya. (hugs)

Dear Mayri:
Way to hold it together, old girl. ^n_n^ I'm so proud.

Dear Aluka:
I'm sorry for all the indignities, but damn if you don't have a steely core. You rock, and you'll be healing eventually. Just keep being indignant and playing the system, and you'll be ready in a year or two Real Time. ^n_n^

Dear Bridgir:
Any time you wanna tell me your history, I'm all ears.

Dear Lokkun:
No, I don't know why you haven't even been glanced at yet. I'll keep reminding the mods you need to be attended to.

= me.

(PS: Locke of Naruta. I still don't know what to do with ya. I'm sorry.)
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